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GRiZ has long been a champion of the LGBTQIA + community in dance music. Since being publicly published on HuffPost, he has used his platform to create an inclusive space for fans. Combined with its breakthrough Digital Mirage performance against the backdrop of the Denver protests, with 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence at the end in homage to George Floyd, GRiZ has historically shared its views intelligently and has done so in a way that changes its mind .

Now in Pride Month, GRiZ has teamed up Wreckno for a powerful queer hymn "Medusa".

Hold on, it's the hymn
Put your damn hands up
Smilin because I am young, rich, gay and handsome

The vocals follow a well-known queer cadence and are full of sass and power, and the lyrics celebrate queer culture. The beat is intense and fearful and shows the ability of GRiZ and Wreckno to create a difficult track with personality.

Wreckno shares what the track means to him and how it came together – “Medusa means everything to me! It is not only my gayest, most incredible collaboration in the Queer Dream Team that comes true, it also grabs a punch with a powerful and cheeky message. I grew up in the forests of northern Michigan, four hours north of Detroit. We drove eight hours in a night, sometimes there and back, just to see a GRiZ show. I have always admired his art and have been a Stan for a long time. When he tried to work on this song, my dreams came true. His shows were like a funky rainbow escape from the gray cloud that I normally felt over my world. "

"Medusa" is now available from GRiZ and Wreckno! Check it out below.


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