GRiZ Announces 2-Night 'GRiZMAS In July' Family Vacation Event
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GRiZ throws down GRiZMAS in July style this summer!

The popular series began as a free pop-up event in Detroit, with GRiZ behind the decks, a line wrapped around the building, and fans dancing in the streets in front of the crowded venue.

A flash forward to now and GRiZMAS in July has blossomed into a fully curated two-night run at the Riverfront Park Amphitheater in Wilmington, North Carolina over July 30th and July 31st.

This double header begins with a Complete flex set from GRiZ next door SIMPLY BAKED and Kilamanzego. Then GRiZ a On the hunt for the golden hour Set followed by a prestigious & # 39; 10 – & # 39; 17 Set, with the support of Giligan moss.

In addition to recent announcements including Another world in Denver and Space camp in Virginia, GRiZMAS joins other flagship triumphs in July, including Detroit GRiZMAS, Chicago's acquisition of Navy Pier and the legendary GRiZ runs in Red Rocks.

The pre-sale for artists is now and the pre-sale starts this Friday. More information and tickets here.

GRiZMAS in July 2021

Photo via Electric Forest


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