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It's no secret that the current generation of young music producers are about as creative as they can be. From the endless music libraries available online to the rapid development of music production technology, their art has been catalyzed by unprecedented access to education and inspiration.

The result? Experimental aesthetics, seductively structured soundscapes and respect for the – but rampant disregard – genre. The debut album of the up-and-coming Namibian producer Gina Jeanz proves no different.

Released independently on December 3rd, Lucid Theory is equal parts old and new, reviving familiar sonics and drum machines with multi-dimensional arrangements and bizarre genre mixes. Jeanz also plays with melodious singers and live instruments and channels the compositional ethos of first-class electronica counterparts such as Aluna and TOKiMONSTA or even the melodic savoir-faire of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle.

It's hard to pick even one standout track from Lucid Dreams as the lyrical storytelling alternates so skillfully between moods and messages. Still, it skilfully stays coherent as Jeanz interweaves synthesizer-based instrumentals with vowel-driven ear flatterers.

There is the bursting sound of the project opener “Overwhelmed”, which stands out brilliantly from the sultry thoughtfulness of “All Of Me” (with Jordan Baker). Or there is the progressive R&B of "We Move" (with AliThatDude), which merges seamlessly into the Amapiano house sounds of "Amagroove".

“When it comes to my own projects, I use my personal stories as the basis for the tracks I produce,” explains Gina Jeanz. "Music is an outlet that has always enabled me to make and document my everyday experiences as" journal "."

Gina Jeanz & # 39; Debut album "Lucid Theory" is old and new in equal parts and brings well-known sonics and drum machines back to life with multi-dimensional arrangements and bizarre genre mixes.

Check out Jeanz's exclusive track-by-track comment below on her debut album, which she dubbed a "Life Goal" on social media.

1 Times of fear that I experienced before creating the album, coupled with my craft and the ability to create tension for what was to come. I've channeled all of that energy into sound. "

2. "Sun Spot" (with Sio): "The contrast between the title" Sun Spot "and Sio's writing on this track is where light meets darkness. The story behind the song is about a turbulent relationship , where one gets stuck in disputes and misunderstandings become the standard, and while it is not ideal and sometimes even frustrating, there is still hope of a solution.

3. "After Hours" (with Brad Knight): "" After Hours "speaks of letting go of all inhibitions, of getting lost in the essence of the person you are with, completely intoxicated by their being and To have no expectations that go beyond life at this moment and the feeling of being our truest selves after dark, no inhibitions and no judgment. "

4. "Can & # 39; t Pretend" (with Moonga K): "Can & # 39; t Pretend" is inspired by this willingness to commit and let go of games – the idea that you hold back should, if you have to admit how much they play. " I am ready to immerse myself in everything and just give in to love. "

Gina Jeanz

"Music is an outlet that has always made it possible for me to 'journal' and document my everyday experiences," said Gina Jeanz.

5. "All of Me" (with Jordan Baker): "" All Of Me "is about falling into patterns of unrequited love and lack of communication, tearing down walls, and being patient to understand your partner. Also if one is ready to love unconditionally, there is a longing to feel loved in return. "

6. “We Move” (with AliThatDude): “This track was inspired by the love of summer in strange places. For some reason, you're just a little more confident going over to someone you like in places where no one knows you. The spirit of The Track is carried by Ali's infectious performance both singing and rapping on the track. It was a perfect fit and since I'm Namibian too, I really wanted to show that even though we have different musical backgrounds, we both had the same goal, I think remember to do this track. "

7. "Amagroove": "As a Namibian who has lived in South Africa for over 10 years, I was influenced by the electronic music scene. Amapiano took over and in my very special way I wanted SA and how much I paid homage to" I'm here in my music grown into it. Amagroove is the perfect mix of House and Amapiano, but with my very own touch. "

8. "Dopamine" (with Moonga K): "" Dopamine "just celebrates life and your" values ​​"stable enough to feel like yourself again. Everyone, who was afraid can relate to a lack of dopamine. Moonga and I shared similar stories and it was a breeze to stick to the title of the song and make something nice and positive out of it. "

9. “100ml”: “This track was inspired by the positive effects CBD oil (non-THC) had on my overall mental health. I was able to get through my days without anxiety attacks and spent most of my recovery days exhilarated and happy to create again. This is a pure and escalated track that I produced fully so that I had no other expectations than having fun creating it. "




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