Galantis Transform Coldplay and BTS'
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Continuing their hot streak of powerful remixes, Galantis have reworked Coldplay and BTS & # 39; s smash hit "My Universe".

Galantis is known for their floating feel-good house sound and has delivered a rousing house anthem. Increasing the tempo of the original, the remix transforms from a relaxed love ballad into an up-tempo dance song that aims to get the dance floor going. In the last third there is a complete tonal shift as the catchy verse of BTS takes center stage.

Check out the new remix below.

After the 2020 Church album was released, Galantis looked fine and stayed productive. Earlier this year they released a large collaboration with Don Diablo as well as joint tracks with David Guetta and Hook N Sling. They have also provided a number of official remixes, such as their rework of Tchami's "Buenos Aires" from the French house star's debut album, Year Zero.

Listen here to Galantis & # 39; Remix of "My Universe" on streaming platforms.




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