G-Sonique DarkPsy FX466 – VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win and Mac!
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DarkPsy FX466 is a VST / AU Plugin designed for Darkpsy / Forest / Psycore music production that can be used in various genres from Psytrance from Fullon to Dark Prog as well as completely different genres like Film Music, Video Game Music, Dark Ambient , Neurofunk Drum & Bass Intros, Experimental, Dark Techno and many more…

Darkpsy FX466 contains artificial electric storm beats, alchemy soundscapes, dark ritual soundscapes, alien experiments effects, cosmic effects, shamanic ritual sounds, dark ritual drums and beats, ancient sounds, dark space and physics experiments, occult ritual sounds and pads in style by Area 51 Sounds, Dark Gothic Intro Pads and Risers, Ayahuasca Voices, Bombs and Explosions, Dark Sci-Fi FXs Hits and Guns, Dark Cathedral Sounds, Secret Government Experiments, Dark Fractal Sounds, Resampled Demonic Voices, Modular Synths, Dark Whisperings , Fairytale Voices, Sampled & Resampled Hardware DSP Synths, Wood Hits, Ghost Sounds, Computer/Hacker Sounds, Android Semi-Human-Semi-Robot Sounds, Monster Voices & Effects, Horror Pads, Mental layers, dark planet sounds, medieval pads and sounds, laughing dark monsters, heretic soul extraction, space dentist sounds, underwater gnomes and much more.

Darkpsy / Forest Psytrance / Psycore music needs various complex FX sounds, soundscapes, monster and sci-fi sounds, pads, hits and percussions etc., but many producers always use 3-4 basic types of synth sounds – FM -Sounds, noises, etc. because it is very difficult to create advanced sound designs or record various experimental sounds in field or film music/experimental recording studio. It can take 2 hours or more to create just one sound, but you need to create complete songs and not spend two months tweaking 10 sounds. Darkpsy FX466 can help you significantly to create interesting intros, build-ups, intermezzos and outros, but included sounds/banks can also be perfectly used in main passages of your track in combination with classic synths. You can also use external VST/AU effects and completely recreate all included sounds, layer two banks together, etc.

Included are multi-octave banks created in different ways: recording various monsters, animals and objects in space/studio/nature + advanced resampling and re-effecting, synthetic sources as modular hardware and software synthesizers and digital and analogue FX units, secret unreleased G-Sonique synthesizers and FX algorithms, experimental film studio recordings of various objects/experimental pseudo "instruments", etc.

All instruments/sounds can be additionally modified with LFO (rate and depth) by modulating volume/expression, panning, pitch, amplitude envelope – attack, decay, sustain, release, pan, space, you can glide (+ glide time), Choose mono, legato or polyphonic, load additional bonus instruments, etc. You can layer two or more instruments together to create new types of sounds (use two DarkPsy FX466 together with different instruments/presets but with the same melody) and use different external ones G-Sonique VST effects to take the sound to a brand new level. DarkPsy FX466 uses a special multi-sample/multi-octave disk streaming technology that saves your memory (data is loaded from disk) with precise sound interpolation in high quality. DarkPsy FX466 is available for Windows and Mac (VSTi Plugin in 32/64bit for Windows, VSTi Plugin for MAC, AU Audio Unit Plugin for MAC)


– More than 130 high-quality multi-octave instruments with Cass-A audio interpolation/resampling
1.27 GB Huge library included in G-Sonique Club (www.g-sonique.com/club)

Purchasing this instrument gives you FULL ACCESS to www.g-sonique.com/club – a virtual club where you can search hundreds of Rompler banks.
Instruments, samples and create your own unique library of instruments/sounds!

You will now receive 150 credits, which you can use to download an additional 50 *.gcs instrument banks. You will receive the next 150 credits within the next 12 months
to download the next 50 *.gcs instruments. The instrument comes with 50 banks by default, with credits you can select and download the next 100 instruments/banks
your own choice. So you get a plug-in instrument with a total of 150 multi-octave banks. In the G-Sonique Club library, you can choose from a growing library of hundreds of
Instruments/benches of various music genres.

– LFO modulation with depth and rate controls (modulated: volume/expression, panning, pitch)
with triangle, sine, square, saw and exp shape

– sliding button

– Space button

– 3 modes: polyphonic, mono, legato

– Amplitude envelope with attack, decay, sustain and release controls

– Resampling quality selection

– Speed ​​curve selection

– Pitch bend control

– Pan control

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