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Image: Instagram/@brooke.blurton

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton confirmed what we (somehow) already knew: She “wired” herself to G Flip.

Speaking to Nat Tencic on The Hook Up podcast, Blurton said, "It was just strange timing with G."

"We were never together or in a relationship," she said.

"We had a couple of dates, but we're still really good friends."

The rumors started around Valentine's Day this year when G Flip (real name Georgia Flipo) appeared on Blurton's Instagram after sending her a huge bouquet of flowers.

"It's the sunflowers for me … what a special lady I am to receive flowers that are bigger than my existence … thanks to my beautiful Valentin @gflip," the post says.

Speaking to news.com.au when it was announced as the world's first openly pansexual Bachelorette, Blurton said, "G Flip and I are absolute friends."

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“She posted that she really supports me (after the announcement). She and Char, your personal assistant / cousin, are really good friends of mine and we get along very well. "

Speaking to Tencic, Blurton now confirmed, "I think a lot of people have speculated that I left G Flip for this experience (The Bachelorette), but it wasn't."

"We just joined."

Blurton also said she was "so happy with what G has achieved".

Which, it seems, is quite a bit.

G Flip is currently in Los Angeles with her BFF Tones and me preparing to support their pop-up Halloween party / show.

You've also posted about "doing absolutely shitty house tunes" with Lewis Capaldi.

There was also this second collaboration with Crocs Australia.

Oh, and let's not forget that Kylie Minogue thinks she's cute:

G Flip is pretty successful in life right now – we're so happy with what they are accomplishing too.

Spoiler alert for fans of The Bachelorette – it looks like Blurton is finding love on the show. So maybe we won't see a second “collaboration” between her and G in the foreseeable future.

Hear Brooke Blurton talk about her relationship with G Flip on The Hook Up Podcast:


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