Feelz Releases New Stellar EDM Track “Got U” feat. Ceara Cavalieri !
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EDM/Dance-Pop Artist Feelz Releases New Single "Got U" feat. Ceara Cavalieri. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

Feelz lives up to the name with brand new single "Got U". This spacey new track will have you thinking about your own past relationships in an instant. His lyrics are respectful and honest. They are set to a dreamy musical landscape and the muted drop after the chorus gives the song an unparalleled intensity while remaining consistent with the song's message. Ceara Cavalieri's vocals come through crystal clear.


She has a distinctive texture to her voice that fits so well with the energy and purpose of this song. This song is heartbreakingly ambiguous. Each listen evokes different emotions: sadness, nostalgia, longing, fear and the need to hold on to what once was. "Got U" paints a picture of the complexity of heartbreak.

As soon as the lyrics proclaim, "Now that I've got you," you're instantly hit with a burst of energy in the bass drop that makes it impossible not to move your body. The Drop contains the best aspects of EDM, including multiple layers of sounds and flavors that will make you feel like your mind and body are lifting off the ground. Once again, Feelz gives us a perfect club anthem to play anywhere, anytime.

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