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This is a split opinion. The thoughts and viewpoints expressed are those of the author Anderson Benoit Gallegos, owner of The Mersiv Sound Project.

Sometimes it's hard to tell how long we've been in this pandemic. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes like a lifetime. I never really thought my life would take such a sharp break and change, but ultimately I'm glad it did. I'm proud of the fight and that it makes me stronger, more focused and more than grateful to be able to do what I love every day.

When the lockdowns began, Pretty Dark Loud was just a thought. Even though there were only a couple of opening reefs, I knew it was going to be special. Lockdown was one of the toughest times of my life – like most people, it was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. But it was a blessing to work on something that could distract me from the news and focus my energy on something creative.

It's funny how life goes up and down. While I was writing this album it was sometimes hard and sometimes it felt like blah blah. I spent so much time in the studio that it felt like I was becoming part of my computer. Some days it felt like nothing was coming together, on others it felt like it was all happening at once. Inspiration comes from the strangest places, but with the right time and attention it turns into the most beautiful art. This album was like endless workout, such a grinding process, but I'm so excited about the way it ended. I can't wait for you to hear it!

I could try to give a lot of meaning to these tracks, but the aim of this album was to give the listener a unique experience, to discover his own connection with it. Pretty Dark Loud, however, is meant to be enjoyed whenever people need it. I hope that next summer people can cope with COVID and enjoy this music with the people who love it.

Thank you to everyone who supported me on this path. To those of you who are just as excited as I am that this record will finally be released in this world, thank you. I cannot express my gratitude to all of the staff enough for being a part of this publication. I've never been more proud of a release in my entire career and can't wait to see how it is received. I can't wait to see everyone together again and do what they love, share music and be really happy to exist.

This record is dedicated to my mother. Her birthday would have been on Sunday and I wanted to give her this album as a gift. It felt like she was with me the whole time writing these tracks. Always there to push me a little further when I couldn't see where I was going.

I never thought that music would take me to the places it has, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the places it will take me next. I put all my heart and soul into this record and hope that it can help everyone to hear through the rain and better appreciate the sunshine.

In endless love, Anderson.


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