Experimental duo The Furniture transport us to a dystopian world on
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Experimental duo The furniture Drop the mesmerizing instrumental "Strom" which gives us a glimpse into their upcoming self-titled debut album The Furniture. With a meditative feel based on smooth synths and pulsating beats, the track weaves a calming atmosphere in which one can lose oneself for hours.

"Strom" channels creative freedom and sonic spontaneity that formed the pillars of her artistic work, and is in equal parts ethereal and haunting, while blurry, nature-centered visuals by Philippe Leonard transport us into a lush dystopian world that somehow feels as grounding as they are psychedelic.

for Michael Kuhl and Matthew Pierce, their music as The Furniture is deeply rooted in their musical synergy and long history. As a complicated teaser of their first album as a duo, "Strom" establishes The Furniture as a couple propelled by the power of their combined exploratory tendencies.

The upcoming album will take us into a world of experimentation as we look for the elegant yet atmospheric arrangement of “Strom”.

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