Night Bass Drops Club-Friendly Compilation Featuring MONXX, Tony Romera, More -
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AC Slater& # 39; s Night bass Imprint has hosted some incredibly memorable house music tracks since its launch in 2014, including Wax motif& # 39; s remix of "Fly Kicks" and Phlegmatic dogs"Keepmastik". Today the label released its fourth 2020 compilation, This Is Night Bass Vol. 11.

This is Night Bass Vol. 11 follows the same formula as the recent Night Bass compilations. This time around, they curated 11 brand new tracks that speak to the sound that AC Slater has refined for years. The recording has a few names fans may recognize, including Tony Romera, Dread MC, and MONXX. A handful of newcomers are also in the spotlight and they really shine.

Although MONXX has gained a loyal following with its heavier, dubstep-influenced tunes, and its rare bass house anthems have wowed a large audience. This time he teamed up DJ Q. for "No Trust". In addition to implementing a catchy vocal sample, the duo hit the audience in the second drop with a devastating halftime moment.

Oppidan also contributes to an impressive entry with her melody "Back Up". Subtle melodic moments form around a catchy hook as every little detail floats effortlessly on their expertly crafted bass line. The most impressive aspect is how seamless this track feels as it all blends in very naturally.

AC Slater has already established itself as a flavor maker in the industry and these compilations serve to cement that title. They remain a place to watch as they always provide well-deserved and emerging talent with a place to showcase their music.

Listen to This Is Night Bass Vol. 11 below.




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