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Eric Clapton's recent COVID-19 theory is that the public has received subliminal messages convincing them to be obedient and follow directions.

Clapton has openly opposed COVID-19 restrictions and vaccinations since the pandemic began. He even claimed that the vaccine caused nerve damage in his fingers.

In a recent interview with The true music observerClapton said he had been ill for a few months and was unable to play.

In 2020, Clapton and Van Morrison released This Had Gotta Stop and Stand And Deliver. Both tracks feature her controversial comment on the pandemic.

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"My career was almost over. When I spoke up, it had been almost 18 months since I had somehow been forced into retirement. And I've teamed up with Van. I got the tip that Van resisted the measures.”

"I contacted him. And he said, "I just disagree, really. But it seems like we're not even allowed to do that. And no one else does… And I said, “I'm with you. Is there anything I can do to help? Do you have songs?”

"It was while talking to another musician about then getting upset and then sharing the news, and I realized no one wanted to hear that. And I was kind of confused because I seemed to be the only person who thought that was an exciting or even appropriate idea with what was going on."

“That challenged me even more. Because maybe I'm a bit like him. I'm made of the same cloth where when you tell me I can't do something, I really want to know why I can't do it. And it seemed like I built a wall around me.”

"I removed lines or changed lines a bit just to reassure those I really didn't mean to hurt, people I didn't mean to hurt or scare."

Clapton goes on to explain how he believes the masses have been silenced by "the theory of mass hypnosis."

"When I started looking for it, I saw it everywhere," Clapton continued. “I remembered seeing little things on YouTube that were like subliminal ads; it had been going on for a long time… It was a complete two-way street of following orders and obedience.”

"I felt very motivated musically … I have a tool, I have a calling, and I can use that. So I went ahead and started writing.”

Clapton will return for a second interview The true music observer.

Watch the full interview with Clapton below:


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