Elliot Cole – ‘November 1 (Homesick)’ [Feat. Jordan Dodson & Gabriel Cabezas] – For Folk's Sake
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from Jonathan Frahm • October 3, 2021 • Comments disabled on video | Elliot Cole – “1. November (Homesick) "(Feat. Jordan Dodson & Gabriel Cabezas)

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Contemporary classical composer Elliot Cole debuts five new compositions in Journals, Vol. 1. The album is crisp, only lasts just under 20 minutes, and his rousing performances make it pass even faster. Together with cellist Gabriel Cabezas and guitarist Jordan Dodson, the innovative composer develops reflective music that serves as a background piece for part of his own life. Likewise, his nostalgic tendencies make for a rousing hearing that the ethos could capture in all of us. Flooded with open, rotating progressions and tonal changes between deeply rustic and subtly majestic, the project skilfully shows the diverse talents of its artists. For all of his impeccable craftsmanship and technology, Cole's latest EP charms most with its absolutely human design. Blessed with a charisma considered relatable from the start, this first volume is an impressive argument for Cole to continue his path with future magazines.

Accompanying Magazines, Vol. 1 are five live performance videos with Dodson and Cabezas. It begins with the heartfelt “1. November (homesickness) ”.

Cole says, “I usually make music to get out of myself, to explore, to roam. Discover something that I didn't have inside of me. But Journals is a return to the personal – a pencil and a notebook, a private moment to draw what's inside. "

Words from: Jonathan Frahm


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