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Ed Sheeran has announced that he is hoping to tour with his wife, Cherry Seaborn, and their 17-month-old daughter Lyra while flying around in an "electric campervan".

In a recent interview on Today’s Sunday Sitdown, Sheeran told host Willie Geist that he hopes to be "as electric as possible" on his upcoming tour of the UK and Europe this year.

"I'm talking to VW about an electric camper," Sheeran explained.

“I want to travel to every show as electrically as possible. The baby is coming on tour with me.

Sheeran continued, “In the beginning of my career it was really a drudgery. You'd play five shows in a row and have a day off. But the luxury of playing in these big venues is that nobody goes in the middle of the week so they have to be on the weekend.

“So it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday every week. We will take our time in every city. "

Sheeran will begin his upcoming tour on April 23rd at Croke Park in Dublin, with the last listed date of the tour currently being September 25th in Frankfurt.

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However, the singer added that he doesn't think the tour will end there and said, "I can't see the tour ending, I'll be going for a while."

Commenting on his newfound proposition to get greener, Ed said, “I'm trying to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible.

“I'm trying to revive as much of Britain as possible. I love my country and I love the wildlife and the environment.

"I feel like my head is bitten off every time I say this because my job is not a very sustainable job when I play in cities, but I try my best."

More information on this topic can be found in the Pop Observer.

Watch Ed Sheeran Do The Sunday Sitdown:

My full, unedited conversation with @EdSheeran can now be seen on the Sunday Sitdown podcast. ️

There are also recent interviews with @McConaughey, @HillaryClinton, @Lin_Manuel, @ElizabethBanks, @HERMusicx, @MachineGunKelly, @TheRock and Kate Hudson.

Enjoy! https://t.co/PQ7Gq6cEBS pic.twitter.com/7RwJYQXtel

– Willie Geist (@WillieGeist) January 3, 2022


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