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Drake has revealed that his highly anticipated new album Certified Lover Boy is ready and on its way very soon.

According to Complex, the rapper confirmed the news in an interview on Sound 42's "Fri Yiy Friday" radio show on Friday, July 30th. “Album is ready,” he told hosts OVO Mark and OVO Noel. "Certified lover boy on the go, and that's in the way for everyone."

That pointy line at the end leaves fans to speculate, with many believing Drake is referring to Kanye West, who is dominating the headlines due to his new album Donda, which is said to be released this Friday, August 6th. Ye lived in a tiny room at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta while finishing his record, performing at huge live auditions at the stadium (another is slated for Kanye West this Thursday 5th.

The announcement came shortly after his manager, Abou "Bu" Thiam, took to Instagram to tease the "Kanye West Presents The Donda Album Release" event and also said the album would be streamed on streaming services right after the party would.

The Certified Lover Boy update comes just weeks after the star revealed that his sixth album is in the process of being mixed. "You know, Uncle Drake is back to mix the album, so she has a lot of new tracks with her," he said on the same radio show on July 10th. "On my way home to reunite with my buddy and finish the thing … CLB on the way. Up on your head. "

When do you think Drake will drop the Certified Lover Boy? Wouldn't it be fun if he posted it this Friday just to annoy Kanye? If only.

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