Dolly Parton has shared a photo rocking her 'birthday suit'

Dolly Parton celebrated her 76th birthday yesterday (January 19) and our country queen took to Twitter to share a message of celebration – complete with her golden humour.

"Just hang out in my birthday suit!" the singer-songwriter tweeted.

However, the birthday suit in question wasn't a look that the average internet visitor would expect.

Parton wore a pink satin blazer with matching skirt, underneath a lace slip dress and lots of fabulous accessories.

I'm just hanging out in my birthday suit!

— Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) January 19, 2022

We are totally in love with Dolly's cheeky message and hope she had a wonderful birthday.

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Last year was an important year for Dolly Parton. Our Queen has been a massive contributor to COVID-19 vaccine funding, has been named to the Time 100 and People of the Year awards, and raised $700,000 for Tennessee flood relief.

Oh, and she also released a new fragrance and a rare photo of her husband that left fans reeling.

Not only that, Guinness World Records revealed in December that Parton added three of her records to her growing list of achievements. She holds the record for most decades on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist (seven) and most #1 hits on the same chart by a female artist (25). With 109 hits, she even broke her own record for most hits on the charts by a female artist.

Those three records add to Dolly's old record for most decades with a top 20 hit on the Hot Country Songs chart (six), which she achieved in 2018.

That means our Queen, Dolly Parton, has four Guinness World Records under her belt. This is no laughing matter.

But we can look forward to even more in 2022. Dolly announced that she will be releasing her debut novel, Run, Rose, Run, along with an accompanying album, on March 7th.

"I'm no longer looking forward to the publication of my very first novel, Run Rose Run, starring the amazing James Patterson. I also have a new album to go with the book," Parton said in a statement to People. “All of the new songs were written based on the characters and situations in the book. I hope you enjoy the book and the songs as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!"

I've combined my love of storytelling and books with the publication of #RunRoseRun, a novel I co-authored with @JP_Books! Pre-order your copy today!

— Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) August 11, 2021

You can find more information on this topic in the Country Observer.

Watch Dolly Parton's 9 To 5:

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