Disco Fries and SM1LO Drop Hedonistic House Anthem

Because there is no better way to start a new year than with new music, Disco Fries and SM1LO have teamed up in an electrifying new collaboration called "Up Til Light".

The rousing track, released via Liftoff Recordings, hits a familiar drum for both Disco Fries and SM1LO, which are known for making potent house records. The bubbly "Up Til Light" is no different and combines elements of future house and electronic pop in a bubbly arrangement that does justice to the grandiose nature of the New Year's Eve celebrations.

The route, said SM1LO, was borne by great respect and admiration for its employees.

"We've been friends for a long time and we grew up in the same area, and I've always had a great deal of respect for Disco Fries as producers and artists," said SM1LO. “After producing and co-writing this album with my friend Grant a few years ago and sitting on this catchy tune for a long time, I took it to Disco Fries to bring it to life. And that's exactly what they did. "

Listen to "Up Til Light" below.

It is fitting that the appropriately titled track will be released on December 31st to accentuate your pregame, champagne toast or this year's NYE ​​kiss. It is the culmination of a great year for SM1LO, whose tireless mission was to spread its anthemic sound throughout 2021 with a number of new singles such as "Blow My Horn" and "Touch Me". And the collaboration with Disco Fries only kindles the flames before a new album by the veteran duo in 2022.

"Since we've known SM1LO as long as we know it, we've always wanted to work on something together and 'Up Til Light' was the perfect opportunity," said Disco Fries in a joint statement. "We love big, melodic vocal records, and this one hit the mark. SM1LO put the chords in concrete terms and we did some more sound designs to make the bass pop. After we heard the vocals for the first time and so did it a catchy tune, it was a matter of course for us to get on board and record it as the lead single on our Get Fried Vol. 4 album. "

You can Get Fried Vol. 4 here.


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