Denver Officials Permanently Shut Down Beta Nightclub Due to Hazardous Conditions: Report -
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It's a new year and the same old story for Denver's Beta Nightclub. Once again, the future of the beloved venue remains in the balance.

Although the club has been instrumental in promoting Denver's electronic music community in the past, the downtown establishment has seen a long string of closings, reopenings, and even a rebranding to Beta 2.0 in late 2019. Despite its various troubles, the club continued to exist, even though a new Denver City Directive brought operations to a halt again – perhaps forever.

According to reports from the Denver Post, Beta Nightclub came under scrutiny after law enforcement began investigating increased reports of violence in the area.

Police statements by DPD Officer Glasby showed that "nights without fighting were the exception" at Beta. Officials reportedly believe Beta failed due diligence to reduce the risk of violence, pointing out that guests wearing gang badges were regularly admitted to the club and that an undercover officer was admitted with a firearm .

Club owner Valentes Corleons reportedly attempted to bribe and intimidate law enforcement in hopes of averting crackdown. The revocation takes place only four days after another Corleons & # 39; other facilities, the Cabin Tap House, closed after a fatal shooting on New Years Day.

"The disruptive and illegal activities associated with the licensed facility have created an unsafe and dangerous condition and continued operation of the facility in this manner would pose a threat to public health, welfare and the safety of the community," wrote Molly Duplechian, Deputy Director of the Admissions Department, in order of revocation of the bar license.

A Facebook post posted on the official Beta Event Center page states that Corleons is not guilty of any wrongdoing and suggests challenging the decision in court.


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