Deniz Koyu And Raiden Return To Protocol And Team Up For Pop & French House-Inspired Single
Press Pic Deniz Koyu Raiden 696x522.jpg

Powerhouse producers Deniz Koyu and Raiden meet you Log records with their new track "I am?“, A dance-pop gem where the two explore their softer sides.

Opening with soft melodies and a rolling bassline, "I am?“Shines with melancholy singing, which after many hedonistic nights paints a picture of the desire for a relationship with substance. The chorus included a choppy, bouncy one French house Influence, which is a refreshing new sound for both of them Deniz Koyu and Raiden. "I am?“Is the first time German House music veteran and South Korea talent have worked together and will serve as the first release on protocol this year from both artists.

Deniz Koyu was recently published on STMPD RCRDS, while Raiden& # 39; s recent focus has been focused on K-pop publishes and composes music for various TV shows, including "Your“That has accumulated over 45 million streams At Spotifywhich became his most streamed track to date.

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