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Richie Hawtin and deadmau5’s music metaverse venture, PIXELYNX, has forged another groundbreaking deal, joining forces with cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me.

PIXELYNX has led the charge in the digital space at the intersection of music and the metaverse. Their new partnership will allow users to customize their Ready Player Me avatars in PIXELYNX’s upcoming mobile AR and PC game, as well as buy and sell one-of-a-kind NFT fashion wearables.

“Ready Player Me has always been one of the most exciting avatar platforms,” said Inder Phull, co-founder and CEO of PIXELYNX in a press release. “The team has made it so easy to integrate into our ecosystem and it’s no surprise to see their community of partners growing at such a fast pace. Avatars are central to how players and artists express themselves in the metaverse and this integration will give creators and fans the canvas to be who they want to be.”

Ready Player Me is not a newcomer to the metaverse, having inked deals with VRChat, Somnium Space, TCL, and Hiberworld, among others. The company recently raised $13 million in Series A funding round led by Taavet+Sten, allowing them to expand their team across the globe. They have also worked with deadmau5 and PIXELYNX in the past.

“We’re very excited to partner with the amazing team of music and gaming industry veterans at PIXELYNX,” added Kaspar Tiri, co-founder of Ready Player Me. “This partnership will allow users to use their Ready Player Me avatars in the PIXELYNX metaverse and collect NFTs as customization assets. PIXELYNX are building the leading music metaverse that is transforming the way artists connect and engage with their fans through gaming experiences. We share the same vision and we couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.”

Read more about PIXELYNX here.


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