Deadman Drops Thunderous New Single
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One of the most exciting producers on the scene right now is dead man. This talented artist comes straight from Nashville with the ability to seamlessly mix genres in a creative and immersive way. He not only created an iconic, violent sound, but also embodies a pirate aesthetic that only makes you want to be what he calls his fans: a "pirate".

With over 1 million views of his viral remixes of Disney songs on TikTok, Deadman has also released a number of electrifying tracks including "Hands Up", "Jolly Roger" and "The Shallows". Now he's back with his very first single of the year, which is an absolute monster of a track, called "DAWN".

The song begins with bright, sparkling synthesizers creating a beautiful ambience as a chop vocals inserts and the anticipation builds on a thundering, rattling bass. He'll keep you busy and effortlessly initiate a subsequent drop that turns things upside down and gets drum & bass full. Deadman's ear for sound design is impeccable. Its sounds and arrangements are top notch which makes this track a hymn to be expected on the main stage at EDC.

This is what Deadman says about "Dawn":

“‘ DAWN ‘is an energetic / happy song that represents the hope you feel when the sun comes up and a new day begins. With its lush melodies and heavy bass lines, “DAWN” transcends genres and sets the tone for a new era of Deadman. There will be plenty of fresh music in 2022, 'DAWN' is just a foretaste! "

Listen to Deadman's “Dawn” below!


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