Daniele Frate debut release on Ensis will make you ‘Keep Moving’ all day long !
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Daniele Frate debut release on Ensis comes in the form of an addicting tech house song that will keep you "Keep Moving" all day!

Right at the beginning you are hit by a huge wave of energy that rises from the solid groove, only to be overwhelmed by a huge bass line that, perfectly combined with the drums, sets your body in motion uncontrollably.

Overall, "Keep Moving" combines all the sounds you would expect from its title, based on steady tech house beats and raw sounds, including feverish vocal samples and an energetic bassline – the result is a dance floor weapon, the Daniele Frate typical sounds and musical knowledge that culminates in an uplifting summer anthem that makes it the ideal DJ weapon for clubs and festivals.

Check it out below and add it to your favorite Spotify playlist:

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