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DaBaby has claimed the Questlove doesn't know and care after the Roots drummer criticized the rapper for his homophobic comments at the Rolling Loud festival.

In case you missed it (somehow), DaBaby unleashed a homophobic rant on stage last week saying, "If you didn't show up with HIV, AIDS today … turn on your cell phone … guys, if you don't suck dick" on the Parking lot, turn on your cell phone. "

Understandably, he has since received immense backlash for the comments, with greats like Elton John, Madonna and Dua Lipa condemning all of his actions.

The latest musician to speak out against DaBaby is Questlove, who took to Instagram to share an imaginary "dream list" of artists he would like to perform at a contemporary version of the 1969 Harlem Festival Summer Of Soul. While DaBaby's name appears in the list, it appears to be crossed out.

“I'm not the trine of just being a performative Smurf and creating a social whipping or making some click-bait headlines. That misses the point, "wrote Questlove.

He continued, “But right is right and his actions are wrong. Someone has to say it: homophobia / transphobia / xenophobia / misogyny / racism – that should be morally wrong without saying. "

"I had to say something … black people already have a code of public criticism, so I'll admit I've been slow because I mean he doesn't know me from Adam … but man … that shit wasn't cool … everyone. "

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“Huey Newton wisely said in the early 1970s that we as a people should NEVER go so deep in life (with what we've been through) that we start suppressing / terrorizing the next man like we have for centuries have been terrorized … learn that other people live in the room you are in, ”he concluded.

In response to Questlove's post, DaBaby has claimed he doesn't know who he is, despite the fact that the Roots endorsed him during an appearance on The Tonight Show in 2019.

"I'm not even trying to be funny when I say … I don't know who this guy is," he wrote on Instagram.

“And I don't care about losing you as a fan my boy lol @questlove. You or any other n *** a who wants to play follow the leader. This superstar was a fan of Stand Up, N *** a, you've never seen one like this, have you? "

You can find more information on this topic in the Hip Hop Observer.

Check out Questlove's Instagram post about DaBaby:


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