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The controversial track "Let's Go Brandon", which sledges Australia and was banned from YouTube and Instagram, hit number 1 in the US.

Released last week by vocal Trump supporter Bryson Gray, the song topped Adele's comeback single, Easy On Me, and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The rapper told The New York Post that he believes the track hit number 1 due to the YouTube and Instagram bans.

“Now if you read guidelines for social media sites, the guidelines themselves are against conservatism. You literally can't have a conservative opinion, ”he said.

He continued, “As if I can't say there are only two genders, or I can't call someone what they are. I have to be delusional with them. "

“Abortion culture no longer works. It only works on people who are scared … it only helps me. Thanks, YouTube! "

According to The New York Post, Gray was inspired to write the song earlier this month after watching NBC coverage of a NASCAR race in Alabama.

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While the crowds chanted, "Fuck Joe Biden," during the event, an NBC anchor claimed that they were actually chanting, "Let's go, Brandon" in reference to racing driver Brandon Brown.

The incident started trending on Twitter shortly after, leading conservatives to argue that NBC refused to allow criticism of the U.S. president on their network.

Gray soon composed the rap in response to the debate, which includes the lyrics, “Look at Australia, this is next if we don't get up. Stop insisting that you are taking our rights, it is time to fight back. "

& # 39; Let & # 39; s Go Brandon & # 39; Also includes lines like: "Split us up so they'll know we'll never win / But we united, we here in the stadiums / Everyone sings it, CNN slanders" / Biden collapses and Democrats steal it. ”

"Media lies, ignore all the screams / you better back down, but only the Taliban / pilots are on strike, but for Joe it's irrelevant / open the border, lose all order."

As reported by The New York Post, Instagram banned the song for sharing “harmful misinformation” about the COVID-19 pandemic by saying “Pandemic is not real, they just planned it” and “Biden, the jab-stop "contains the spread, it was lies."

Meanwhile, Gray alleged that YouTube banned it because of "medical misinformation" and has also stated that TikTok banned it without "explanation".

You can find more information on this topic in the Hip Hop Observer.

Listen to Let's Go Brandon:


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