Cody Jinks Preps Adobe Sessions Editions, Lefty Frizzell Tribute
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Photo: Brad Coolidge

Many consider Cody Jinks' 2015 album Adobe Sessions to be his masterpiece. And now it's getting two new editions to commemorate the album's success, and a special tribute album to a country legend by Cody Jinks is also on the way.

Recently, Cody Jinks released a 180 gram translucent double LP Gold Vinyl Edition from Adobe Sessions for sale. Similar to the gold edition of Tyler Childers' groundbreaking Purgatory album, it is worth remembering the Cody Jinks album, which achieved gold status for sales of over 500,000 units in physical sales, downloads and streaming equivalents. After Purgatory, Adobe Sessions is only the second independent modern publication in the country to accomplish this feat.

Adobe Sessions has not yet officially received Gold certification from the RIAA, but it is believed to be imminent. Cody Jinks has already received a gold-certified single for his song "Hippies and Cowboys" and a platinum certification for 1 million sales of his song "Loud and Heavy".

After the enthusiasm for Cody's live stream "Unplugged & Behind the Music: Adobe Sessions" on September 12, 2020, he will finally release the audio of the session in album form on May 7. Fans who bought tickets to watch the live stream have already received the album, but now it will be available to the general public.

But that's not all Cody Jinks has up her sleeve. While Saving Country Music confirmed all of the information on the new Adobe Sessions releases, it should also be confirmed that the Lefty Frizzell tribute album, Cody, which was hinted at for the first time last summer, is ready and being prepared for release. Produced by Cody's bass player Joshua Thompson and mixed by Paul Cauthen, it's supposed to have a very classic country sound. Look forward to a release date and further details about this project.

Cody Jinks may have another acoustic album of his “Greatest Hits” soon? Maybe titled Janky Wuffle, which was also taped during the pandemic downtime? Stay tuned for details too.

But what most Cody Jinks fans ask is when she'll give her a new original album from Fort Worth. Jinks recently announced it on social media: “The month of May is just around the corner… Do you know what that means? We go to the studio for a long time to record LOTS of new songs. "

Word is Jinks has 50+ separate tracks that he's worked on. Not all of them may make it onto one record, but he will have a wide range of choices. It's called tour dates and maybe even the announcement of a personally curated festival is on the way of Cody Jinks.

Stay frosty Jinks fans.


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