K-pop star CL says she set up her own label to 'protect her creativity'
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In a new interview, K-Pop star CL says she had to be "fearless" while working on her latest album, ALPHA.

CL's new album ALPHA was a cathartic experience in many ways. This was not only her first offer in a long time, but also after years of professional upheaval in which she changed management and came to her advantage. It is therefore understandable that working on ALPHA must have been a nerve-wracking process.

"I had to put myself in 'alpha mode' to make the album and I had to be fearless to keep doing it," she said in a new interview with Refinery29, before admitting that it was tough was, but she tries not to put pressure on herself.

"It's definitely difficult," she said, "but then I make things happen, focus on what I can do, the creative, because that will speak."

Elsewhere in the interview, the star also spoke about how she maintained that confidence during her hiatus and even in the run-up to the release of her album, which was hailed by many as the second coming for the star, often hailed as a bridge between East and West.

“The funny thing is that there were a lot of [those worries], but also when ALPHA came out nobody talked about it anymore. You create the moment. If I put an album out, that'll be the moment. ”She said.

At the moment, she admitted, she didn't think about the titles she'd been given and focused on what she wanted to be.

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“I always felt like an alien. Since I grew up in different cultures, I don't fit anywhere. So I would always be for the underdogs and the underdogs. I know that there are many people who do not feel represented and I would be happy if they feel connected and understood. "


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