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Legendary singer / songwriter, Christy Moore, Returns with his new single "Clock Winds Down". The song is the first foretaste of his new studio album Flying into Mystery, which will be released worldwide on November 19, 2021.

With powerful and contemporary texts by Jim Page, Clock Winds Down deals with the effects of climate change and is arranged and performed in the inimitable style that only Christy Moore is known to deliver:

"..The ice caps are melting, the Amazon is burning until there is no turning back,
The grille goes down, screens go blank, we'll go down the plank
See how the children take to the street and talk to Greta Thunberg … "

With twelve songs, Flying into Mystery is a collection that Christy brought to life through his distinctive writing and his unique interpretation of the songs of other artists.

About his latest project, Christy said, “This time it was a very different process of recording the album…. I've been recording since 1969, but never without performing live. Since March 2020 my whole focus has been on this album. Once again I had the privilege of receiving some great songs that kept me busy. I produced with Jim Higgins and David Meade developed the project. There are songs by Ricky Lynch, Paul Doran, Mick Hanly, Wally Page, Tom Tuohy, Gary Moore, Jim Page and Bob Dylan. These stand side by side with traditional songs and a few of my own offerings. … Thanks for listening…. ”Christy Moore.

Fly into the mystery track listing

  1. Johnny Boy
  2. The clock is going down
  3. Greenland
  4. Fly into mystery
  5. Gasun
  6. Everything I remember
  7. December 1942
  8. Van Diemen's Land
  9. Bord na Móna Man
  10. Myra's galley
  11. Zozimus & Carpenter
  12. I feel sorry for the poor immigrant

The album will be available in digital stores, on CD and as gatefold vinyl and can be pre-ordered now.


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