Kid Eternal presents his infectious new single ‘Love Goes Down’ !
Kid Eternal Love Goes Down Rough Bones 696x696.jpg

Return on the back of previous publications, including & # 39; Remedy & # 39; (with Ben Botfeld and # 5 on a series of UK Music Week club charts), along with the newer ones "DNCE" (also lights up in the UK and beyond) – child Eternal is quickly known for its feel-good sound and branded production.

Awarded on BBC Radio 1 & Kiss FM, KE continues to receive editorial support on all major streaming platforms – including additions to Spotify's Hot New Dance, Dance Hits & New Dance Revolution – together with Apple Music Pop's New Music Daily.

With "Love goes down", child Eternal remains true to its proven, test and success formula – the single is underpinned by an infectious vocals and groove-heavy bass line. Ignites in the coming weeks, hold on to how "Love goes down" fires global ethers.

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