Chicane drops remix album of eighth studio album: ‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)!
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It's been a little over six months since Chicane released his eighth studio album, Everything We Had To Leave Behind, and he hasn't sat still since. Always a welcome inspiration no matter where it comes from, the British electronic music phenomenon found that many of the album tracks had more to grow and more to give light among other garments. The result is a remix album that's as enticing as the original 14-track offering: "Everything We Had To Leave Behind (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)".

"'Everything we had to leave behind' began a life in freedom and ended while we were in prison", chicane says. “It reflected a lot of what I and others certainly felt: separation, isolation, loss and thus a greater appreciation of life. I had a new personality in mind for remixing, so I took the form of Back Pedal Brakes and started tinkering. "

“Tracks or albums are never static for me,” he continues. “When the ban was lifted, I realized that I was inspired by current breakbeat culture and that I wanted to explore that in relation to the current album. I worked my way through almost the entire track “Everything We Had to Leave Behind”, track by track, because I had the feeling that these tracks had even more evolution in them. They probably still have that, but they tell me I have to stop somewhere. Thanks to everyone who bought the album, streamed it, and made it meaningful. I hope you enjoy both the caterpillar and the butterfly. "

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