Boys Noize Empowers NFT Collectors to Mint Their Own Techno With “Rave Pigs” Project -
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Boys Noize and the SuperFarm NFT platform bring breeding pigs to the blockchain.

Their forthcoming project, Rave Pigs, turns hard-hitting techno and psychedelic art into digital collectibles. Best of all, anyone who helps shape the collection retains full rights to a piece of Berlin underground culture.

The copyrights granted to NFT owners have been a hot topic in recent months. Although some of the world's most important collections often fetch exorbitant prices on the open market, many do not grant the owner full copyright of the audio and visual works featured in the NFT.

Conversely, "Rave Pigs" owners retain the rights to both the art and music heard in the collectibles they own. So it's easy to see how this forward-thinking approach is likely to prove beneficial to the collection's long-term proliferation.

For example, owners of "Rave Pigs" are made available the audio roots of their NFTs to remix at their discretion and collaborate with other owners. With Boys Noize lending its production skills to the project, we're expecting a whole lot of new music from this animal horde.

There are exactly 6,666 pig collectibles in the collection, but with a vast repertoire of visual traits and musical traits available to the algorithm, over 50 trillion combinations are theoretically possible.

Potential collectors will have the opportunity to dive into the mud for their very own "Rave Pig" NFT on January 22nd.




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