Blasterjaxx invites you back to their magical realm !Welcome to ‘Mystica Chapter II’!
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TI come back Blasterjaxx’Very own magical world, as officially published by the internationally renowned DJ / producer duo Mystica Chapter II. It's a piece of great space and imaginative beauty with five new tracks from the Superstars group. With the first 4 singles released in the past few weeks, the story ends with the reveal of five.rabbit hole“, A gigantic collaboration with Raven & Kreyn. Enjoy this fascinating journey now available on Blasterjaxx's own label. Maximize records.

Blasterjaxx is one of the most consistently trend-setting acts in dance music and is known for producing great energy tracks with epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals. In the last few years the duo has built their own soundscape, mixing genres such as Big Room, Vocal House and Progressive. From critically acclaimed festival anthems to their acclaimed 2019 debut album, Perspective, every release continues to feel bold, new and exciting.

The same goes for their Welcome To Mystica EP earlier this year. A collection of five dominant melodies, this EP takes its listeners into a magical fairy tale with exotic melodies and enchanting soundscapes that tempt you to escape reality, even if it is only for a brief moment.

The story now continues with Mystica Chapter II.

Immerse yourself in a realm of fantasy, mesmerizing melodies, illusions and magical creatures, again spread over five inspiring tracks.

In the last five weeks the gates to this magical world have already opened bit by bit, with a new single revealed. Starting with the overwhelming big room anthem “God Mode” at the beginning of November, the story continued with the pounding “Frozen Fire”, the tension-building “The Crown” with the wonderful vocals by Melissa Bonny and the magical big room jewel & # 39; Brave Heart & # 39 ;.


Now Mystica Chapter II reaches its climax when Blasterjaxx teams up with the French duo Raven & Kreyn for the final chord "Rabbit Hole". The crowd stomper has the duo's signature big room hooks, which are enhanced by rousing vocals and catchy triplet-style beats. The result is a transporting mix of contemporary rave, old school big room and vocal house, which makes this a sublime addition to the Mystica repertoire.

If Mystica Chapter II proves anything, it's the unstoppable energy and inspiration of the Blasterjaxx duo. They let music and fantasy become one in their unique universe, underlined by a series of energetic and emotionally driven tracks. Escape into the world of Mystica with this brilliantly made EP out on December 3rd via Maxximize Records.

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