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From his upcoming album The intimate landscape (November 5th) Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) shared another dose of minimalist ambience with a visualiser for Second Moon.

The album was recorded at the invitation of KPM Music. As Drag City puts it … library music or deeply personal essays on a defining instrument? Under his fingers Ben it plays both ways and just makes beautiful music that transcends the boundaries of folk, ambient and soundtrack music.

Drag City: … correctly predict that we are ready for the moonlight while keeping both feet on solid ground. Go on, be happy as woody guitar notes pull you deep inside – those rusty acoustics are balanced by wafer-thin synth notes that are sure to evoke a sense of longing and Zen-like intent! Minimalist ambience that works as music as well as atmosphere on the ear? Why yes, let's all have a different one!

Since this is Ben's first official solo release, there are also some festivities behind the album release associated with a particular brew. More below.

Drag City: Our buds at Illuminated Brew Works have unveiled an extraordinary new offering: the Intimate Landscape Belgian Dubbel that anyone can grab while drinking while viewing the visualiser for "Second Moon"! We're not in the business of describing beer, so the IBW folks describe this candy like this: Chasny-inspired nectar:

“The caramel pitch of Special B-Malz and the infinite kaleidoscopic flavor of Rochefort yeast seemed to be the perfect ingredients. However, both have great personalities when paired and enjoyed with food, dampening, surrendering, and changing in response to their sensory co-workers. That's what Ben always seems to have to do with sound: reflecting on the world around him with a vision and curiosity that shines through the listener's experience as they inhabit the landscapes he paints with sound. "

Unfortunately, only US citizens can get hold of this offer. Details here.

If you don't drink, you can save your dosh and spend on the vinyl instead.

Pre-order the intimate landscape (November 5th) via Drag City | Tape bearings


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