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BADVOID and ZABO have teamed up for a glowing mid-tempo anthem called "Asylum".

The track begins with eerie arpeggios that immediately come into focus in a haunting manner. However, the bewitching nature of the track takes a dark turn when BADVOID and ZABO uncork a menacing mid-tempo beat. The drop is downright inconsiderate and combines the metallic wobbles of Deathpact with the wild bass of REZZ.

The duo shows their versatility on the second drop and switches things up with a new bass pattern and a nice syncopation of the drum fills. It's a refreshing recording that shows the dedication of both artists to their craft. All said and done, BADVOID and ZABO have released an unforgettable single that stretches the line between scary and captivating.

Previously known as Notorious CHRIS, the 20-year-old young BADVOID was on the rise, receiving support from Yellow Claws Barong Family and Borgores BUYGORE, among other revered bass music labels. His three-part EP ENTER THE VOID, which demonstrated his skills in electro sound design, was particularly impressive. The same goes for his screeching flip of Nero's "Satisfy", a must for fans of the darker streets of dance music.

The chemistry with ZABO is crystal clear here, considering his own expertise in the world of dance music. After years of producing electro house, the Canadian producer decided to rethink his sound and focus on mid-tempo music – with flying colors. It couldn't have come at a better time.

See "Asylum" below at your own risk.


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