AVIAN GRAYS joins forces with award-winning singer-songwriter Ben Adams on ‘Never Let You Go’!
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The AVIAN GRAYS name may not yet have a decade-long legacy or a five-page document with an endless list of global achievements, but that doesn't mean their music doesn't resonate with legions of dance music enthusiasts. The breakout hit & # 39; Something Real & # 39; (with Armin van Buuren), & # 39; Crush & # 39; Catapulted into global consciousness from last summer and all albums or remixes released in between, the AVIAN GRAYS sound is making waves everywhere, as is their latest single: & # 39; Never Let You Go ”starring Brit Award winning singer-songwriter Ben Adams.

Full of self-confidence and a taste for disco meets AVIAN GRAYS & # 39; new offer for Armada Music immediately the sweet spot between funkiness and extravagance. "Never Let You Go" underscores its infectious energy and Ben Adams & # 39; pitched vocals its summer appeal and is a permanent fixture in the playlist of many dance fans.


"We already had a certain singing style in mind when we did the first demo of 'Never Let You Go'", AVIAN GRAY says. “Ben really nailed the voice and took the track to a whole new level. We just love how funky this track is and at the same time fits perfectly into the dance scene in 2021! "

Backed by two of the best dance music producers in the world, AVIAN GRAYS is one of the most exciting new artists to look at. Her breakout hit, a collaboration with Armin van Buuren and Jordan Shaw entitled "Something Real", achieved a radio wave triumph in the Netherlands and recorded over 35 million streams on Spotify. Since then she has clenched her fists with Bruno Martini on “Save Me”, remixed tracks by leading acts like Loud Luxury, Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren, and saw her music being championed by many of the hottest names in dance music. Inspired by the wave of positive feedback from her fans, AVIAN GRAYS even released a custom VR filter on Instagram with the branded mask she wears every time she appears in public.

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