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When you put two of the best pieces of electronic music together in a studio, you know sparks fly in all directions. This is exactly what emerged between the Russian electronic music phenomenon ARTY and Grammy nominated producer Audien earlier this year, and their collaboration is clearly leaving its mark on dance music. Today, just over three months after its release on Armada Music, her track "Craving" (starring Ellee Duke) took the coveted first place on Billboard's dance / mix show airplay charts.

After "Never Letting Go" from 2018, the second collaboration between ARTY and Audien represents the restoration of trust after a breakup and is certainly one of the most colorful collisions of trademarks in dance music today. With Ellee Duke's crystal clear vocals adorning the inspired, super-melodic instrumental that glitters and sparkles at every turn, this is exactly the kind of record that global audiences will ask for more.

ARTY: “It's always very exciting to do new music with Nate because we both know that the songs we do together will be very special for our fans. It is made for them in the first place. So I'm all the more pleased that our new song "Craving", which we made exclusively from our hearts, is now widely recognized in the USA. He leads dance radio and makes it to number 1 on the Billboard dance charts! Thank you to all of our fans for your continued support and to Nate, Maykel, George, Harry, Brett and Kyle for making it happen – you are the best team in the world! "

Audience: "Craving" is the song you hear when you are freshly alone after a tough relationship has ended. We were all there, that poisonous feeling of jealousy coupled with sporadic confidence boosts. Quite the roller coaster. I am so excited to see people resonate with this song. Arty and I created this thing so organically and we were lucky enough to be able to work with Ellee Duke. She did it. Congratulations to the entire team on the Billboard Dance / Airplay # 1 position, and I can't thank all of the broadcasters enough for playing it and showing so much love. "

Ellee Duke: "I'm very grateful and honored to be part of this whole experience with all of these great looks. The song is one thing, but it takes a lot of hard work after a great song like this is created to make great things happen. So shouts everyone who worked hard and helped "Craving" reach this milestone. I'm really proud of all of us, and as clichéd as it is, it's a dream come true. "

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