Arran Sym paints deep emotion on new single,
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Arran Sym paints deep emotions on the new single "Fire on Me" – EARMILK

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Artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Arran Sym has released another intriguing single called "Fire on Me," a track spearheaded by intriguing lyrics and an alien production.

Arran Sym is known for creating projects and singles that are extremely diverse yet terrifying, like 1000 Micrograms of Love and "Back on My Throne". Both projects assimilate poetic undertones and have strong production. Sym has the ability to combine sounds and words in such a way that both interlock and create a unique work of art.

On “Fire On Me” the intense upbeat sounds create a mysterious atmosphere and ironically bring the title to life, as we feel like we're walking through fire as soon as we turn on this track. While his songwriting skills definitely get us in the mood, it's the masterful mix of different guitar sounds, bass and drums that create a truly euphoric experience. While this is true, don't forget his impressive songwriting as he expresses his emotions through words and paints simple but poetic pictures of pain. The strength and vulnerability in his tone is also an element that automatically captivates us, when he shows us what he's made of. Hit play and enter this magical world as a preview of the upcoming Arran Sym album, which is slated to feature similar tracks that emphasize emotions while also featuring a diverse pool of instruments.

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