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Assemble, assemble! Here are some gold reactions ARMY had on the Worldwide Handsome Jin, who called BTS's own merch expensive.

So, in case you missed it, HYBE recently released some cute – but killer (we'll get to that in a moment) – BTS merch. This merch is, by the way, the "Artist-Made Collection by BTS", a product line with designs by the members themselves. The first in the series was Worldwide Handsome and the oldest of the group, Jin, which fans in super cute pajamas in the Angel and Devil versions and a pillow.

The problem is that Jin (and ARMY) weren't expecting the price of the products.

The pajama sets cost a good 119,000 yen (AUD 137) each. The pillows cost 69,000 yen (A $ 79). While fans have had the usual reactions to the price, which is on the high end of a pajama set, it seems that Jin himself wasn't expecting how much his designs would cost.

Shortly after the merchandise drop, Jin went to Weverse to express his concern about the price: "I asked them to use a good material for the pajama sets, but even I am shocked at the price." While fans are aware that Jin probably had no say in the final price of the products, there was laughter that the BTS member was just as shocked as the fans.

"Seokjin walks into HYBE headquarters in his tiny devil pajamas so they know he's upset about the price," said User @kosmicyoon on twitter.

"The 55 cents are for what ???" said another user @kkukstudio.

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Here are some more golden reactions from ARMY blessed by Worldwide Handsome Jin himself.

hybe: Jin:
"You asked:" What kind of one?
for good and cotton is
soft material! "worth 110 US dollars ???"

– Mel⁷ (@ withlovebts7) January 3, 2022

jin goes in with the devil pajamas:

hybe: are you all right, Jin?

jin: you tell me

– 🍯 ⁷ ᴰ² (@kosmicyoon) January 3, 2022

– Aigo Bangtan⁷ (@AigoBangtan) January 3, 2022

hybe employees are on the phone with Jin

– Aliyah (@jvngiii) January 3, 2022

Me when I converted the price to pkr (21k)

– 💜⁷ (@joonswithluv) January 3, 2022

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