Space Laces Reveals Release Date, Tracklist of
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At long last, new music from Space Laces is on the way.

Space Laces is one of those generational music producers with a skill set that makes his contemporaries feel inadequate. Long championed as one of the most technically gifted producers in the electronic dance music space, he is revered for his forward-thinking approach to both sound design and arranging. He’s also known for his versatility, creating everything from dubstep to glitch hop to house music and pushing the envelope of each genre every time.

Space Laces is now set to release High Vaultage, a brand new EP scheduled to release this Friday, February 18th via Never Say Die. The record will consist of five tracks, which fans of Space Laces will recognize from his explosive namesake mix series, “Vaultage.” It’ll be his first EP since 2018’s Overdrive.

The release of High Vaultage also aligns with Space Laces’ first-ever “Vaultage”-branded DJ sets, which are going down in Denver on February 19th and 20th. “Expect the unexpected,” he wrote in an announcement back in December 2021.

Check out the High Vaultage tracklist below, courtesy of an announcement by Space Laces.




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