Anytime, Anywhere: Mix On the Go With This New Portable DJ Set -
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Renegade performances are made even sharper thanks to a new portable DJ set developed by Japanese tech company Stokyo.

Weighing a manageable nine pounds, the set comes complete with two turntables and a two-channel mixer as well as six line inputs / outputs for speakers, headphones and a monitor.

According to Stokyo, the set is modeled on the legendary GP3 Portable Turntable, which was produced by Columbia Japan until the late 1990s. Improved features include pitch adjustment for 12-inch or 7-inch records and a crossfader on the mixer. Each of the three units is battery or AC powered.

The portable DJ set is available for pre-order now from Turntable Lab for $ 629.95. You can check it out here or purchase the portable turntable or mixer individually for $ 219.95 and $ 229.95, respectively.


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