One Year, Two Children and a Global Pandemic Later, Anna Lunoe Is Back [Interview] -
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It's official: Anna Lunoe is now the coolest podcast producer in the game. This week the first episode of their new series Create / Destroy comes out with special guest Chris Lake.

The bi-monthly series offers interviews with artists from all disciplines who delve deep into the inner workings of their creative journeys. Lake's hour-long interview, for example, gave a powerful insight into the work ethic and life principles that drove his success.

It's an exciting mix of anecdotes, advice, and authenticity focused on goals like sharing resources, inspiring the next generation, and promoting the pursuit of a goal.

“You and you alone are the only person who can dig through your heart and soul to discover the rare gems that you have to offer. It's the sweetest, toughest and ultimately most fulfilling trip of your life, ”said Lunoe in the podcast trailer. "We are born to create the life we ​​want and to bring into the world every little new idea we have."

The first episode of Create / Destroy is out now on Spotify. Stream here:




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