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Do you know the words for your national anthem? It may not seem difficult, but one Australian rock legend had a hard time remembering the Australian national anthem this weekend.

Cold Chisel's Ian Moss was selected to open this year's Bathurst 1000 on Sunday December 5th and was caught singing the national anthem with a "cheat sheet", according to The Daily Mail. He was seen staring at a piece of paper on the back of a speaker on the Mount Panorama circuit.

Considering the Bathurst 1000 is the biggest event on the V8 Supercars calendar, it's not the type of event you'd want to screw up your performance at (it was also the first full capacity race there since the beginning of COVID-19 -Pandemic).

Since it looked suspiciously as if Moss was looking down at something during the hymn, various camera angles then showed the sheet of paper over the loudspeaker.

As a result, the singer was completely banned from viewers and fans on social media. "I love Ian Moss, but he's having a Meatloaf moment in Bathurst," someone said on Twitter, referring to Meatloaf's infamous AFL Grand Final performance a decade ago.

"Ian Moss, reading the words on a cheat sheet to sing the Australian national anthem is a shame and embarrassment," said another Twitter user.

"F ** k Mossy, that was painful to watch. I hope none of the drivers crash as badly as Ian Moss did at Bathurst, ”joked someone else. "I'm not sure which was the worst – Ian Moss singing our anthem or having the words in front of him," said another.

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What about famous singers screwing up their national anthem performances? From meatloaf to Steven Tyler, R. Kelly, and now Moss, there are too many bad examples to list.

You can find more information on this topic in the Classic Rock Observer.


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