Americana 2021: Mayer’s Picks (Part 2)
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One of my AMA highlights was the preview of his upcoming album Prospect from AHI. The location was the home studio of his producer Paul Mabury, nestled in the mountains south of Nashville. A handful of us were in the studio with AHI, Mabury and some of the musicians who appeared on the album. Between the studio recordings, AHI talked about the songs and the musicians reminisce about the sessions. The songs were breathtaking and inspired; the stories of their creation from the heart and enlightening.


All My Shame is one of my favorite albums this year so it was a special pleasure to hear Mando Saenz and his band bring the songs to life. The nervousness of the album became even more glorious on an open-air stage under the stars.


Hiatt was my welcome to Nashville 2021 in every way, performing on the first show I went to after arriving in town. And what a welcome it was. She took the stage and rocked through her set. Especially the featured songs on their upcoming album are tough.


Ingram is the real deal. Despite his relatively young age, he writes, sings and plays like a seasoned professional. Actually better. While his music is clearly rooted in the blues, it gives it rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll intensity. His Friday afternoon set was so wild the stage couldn't believe him – he and his guitar wandered into the crowd for an electrifying solo.


One of the joys of 16+ years in Twangville is watching artists develop from the first days of their careers. The best of them – like Lydia Loveless – keep pushing and pushing themselves creatively. Loveless reunited with two of her bandmates to perform songs from their wonderful 2020 release Daughter.


Tim Easton's Wednesday showcase was a pathetic lesson in perseverance. Just as his set was about to begin, his guitar decided to call it a day. Numerous attempts to revive it were unsuccessful as Easton's allotted time had passed. Another artist on the bill eventually loaned him a guitar, and Easton battled his way through several of the jewels in You Don't Really Know Me, his latest release.


Eli Paperboy Reed is one of the most electrifying artists today, channeling all the great thing about 1960s R&B and giving it his own infectious personality. Add to that a crack band and gospel group The Harlem Gospel Travelers and it was one of the most invigorating sets of the week.


Another first experience for me was the explosive singer-songwriter-guitarist Celisse. She didn't play a lot of notes, at least during this set, but the ones she played were hell.


I've loved Rosie Flores for a long time, but all the more after she pondered her career in an interview with us. It's been some time since I last saw her and I'm happy to report that she's as wild as ever with her guitar.

Enjoy more Twangville coverage of the Americana conference and awards.

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