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Alok's final release in 2021 is a celebration of one of pop culture's greatest moments of the year.

The rise of Squid Game to the throne of the most successful Netflix series was nothing short of meteoric. With the show's almost hypnotic theme music, you just knew dance music artists would find clever ways to channel that eerie energy. This inspiration has manifested itself in a number of ways, such as the clever adaptation of “Squid Game” and “Do It To It”, with which Zedd made an unforgettable appearance on the main EDC stage.

Alok was similarly intrigued by the show's main chilling theme – but he hasn't stopped there. Next year, the Brazilian dance music superstar will release an entire EP based on the show.

"After getting addicted to (Squid Game), I was immediately drawn to the music, with its dark and chilling tone that creeps into your brain," said Alok. "I've tried to add and add to the existing theme with my own rendition that my fans can enjoy to make it club-worthy and add a postage stamp by the end of 2021."


The EP's lead single entitled "Squid Game (Let's Play)" is a perfect implementation of Alok's vision. The introduction consists of the terrifyingly familiar, vokoid-like cadence that captivated viewers on the show earlier this year. Alok's introduction of a heavy, analog bass emphasizes the harrowing energy oozing from the song's iconic main melody. "Squid Game (Let's Play)" seals the deal with pumping house drums and is ready to piss off the crowd on the festival's main stage.

Alok's full Squid Game-inspired EP is expected to be out in early 2022.




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