Alannys Weber teamed up with DNMKG and EMMA LX for “All Night”!
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Alannys Weber is back on Ensis, this time with DNMKG and EMMA LX on vocals to bring you an addictive future house gem called "All Night".

Superb production helps build that thick wall of sound that immediately evokes thousands of smiling faces dancing together. A superb mix of synths coupled with epic piano chords intensifies on the chorus hook, resulting in a high dance energy number.

Fans can expect a perfect union of Alannys Weber's signature style fused with DNMKG's vision of house built around killer toplines, piano stabs and deep basses. Imagine all those superb sounds perfectly combined with the tremendous vocal power of EMMA LX, the result couldn't sound better.

The track has a nice flow and a great groove thanks to the excellent drums and percussion and the melody is simple but very catchy and sticks in the listener's mind for a long time. The whole track has a good flow which further enhances its groove with the great transitions and overall nice atmosphere.

The title of the song sounds pretty self-explanatory: are you ready to dance the night away on this dancefloor banger?

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