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A strange phenomenon started last night when billboards with the number "30" appeared in various cities around the world.

Adele fans believe the characters are breadcrumbs Adele dropped to tease an upcoming new album. The signs have adorned various locations around the world, including allegedly the Palace of Westminster, the Empire State Building, the Coliseum, and the Louvre.

In the past, Adele's albums – namely 19, 21, and 25 – have been named for the age at which she wrote and recorded them. Adele, now 33, previously announced that her upcoming album has been delayed, leading fans to believe that the album may have been written by the age of 30 but was released at a later date.

adele hasn't even released the album yet and has already surpassed all of them # Adele30 pic.twitter.com/VyKJra2RZB

– (@outsideriah) October 1, 2021

Additionally, fans eagerly picked up a post from Adele from 2019, in which she apparently hinted that her next album would be called "30".

"30 will be a drum-n-bass album to annoy you," the singer joked on Instagram.

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PLUS tweeted a Rando radio host named Mauler of The Morning Hot Tub and Stingray Hit List Countdown in the US on Sept. 28 and deleted a telling statement.

“New Adele. This week, "said the mysterious post.

If Adele is about to have a new album, there is a high chance it will wipe out every other album that hit the charts this week. Keyword Taylor Swift, a well-known close friend of Adele, who happened to postpone the release of Red (Taylor's version) from November 19th to November 12th.

To add even more fuel to the fire, some devoted fans caught Adele's friend Jedidah Jedkins, who likes posts about the 30 mysterious signs.

Adele's last album, 25, which contains the iconic "Hello," was released in November 2015. It's six long-awaited years since we were honored with a whole series of new Adele songs. 25 was written and recorded when Adele was 25 but published when she was 27.

If they haven't sold yet, it's up to you – but Adele fans are 100,000% convinced that Adele will now be releasing 30 every day.

ADELE 30 IN EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, NYC !!!!!! pic.twitter.com/cm4yi7Br1G

– Elio (@itselliotok) October 2, 2021

adele hasn't even released the album yet and has already surpassed all of them # Adele30 pic.twitter.com/VyKJra2RZB

– (@outsideriah) October 1, 2021

OMFG ADELE EVERYONE COMES UP! # Adele30 pic.twitter.com/4TvtPnnPPE

– Daniel (@ danxiel13) October 1, 2021

More information on this topic can be found in the Pop Observer.

Watch "Hello" from Adele:


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