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After a long anticipation, Adele has finally announced the arrival of new music with a teaser for her single "Easy On Me".

They can't see us, but believe us when we say we're all that "Oh my god, it happens!" Meme. Adele – yes, Queen Adele – has finally announced the arrival of new music with a teaser for her single "Easy On Me".

While the short 17-second clip didn't reveal much of the vocal or musical arrangements on the track, we see Adele – in all of her black and white glory that reminds us of "Hello" – insert a cassette into the car's player and depart. A trailer hangs on her car, presumably full of furniture, suggesting that she is moving somewhere (she may be packing memories of a well-lived time or we may be thinking too much).

Of course, fans are excited, especially after Adele returned to social media after a nine month hiatus to post a very cryptic “Hiya Babes” on Twitter.

Over the past week, anticipation rose to Adele's new album, dubbed 30 by fans – in line with the singer's previous works, all named for the age at which she wrote and recorded them – after mysterious billboards with the number gone were at various attractions around the world.

The number 30 has been spotted at the Eiffel Tower, the Palace Of Westminster, the Empire State Building, and even the Louvre. With the singer currently 33, fans believe the album could have been written when she was 30 – which also coincides with her confirmation in April 2021 that she said her fourth album was delayed.

While news of an album has not yet been confirmed, the single will be released on October 15.

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Check out the teaser for "Easy On Me" by Adele:

Easy On Me – October 15th pic.twitter.com/7HRvxAfEqy

– Adele (@Adele) October 5, 2021


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