Cover artwork for SOPHIE & # 39; s
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There may not be a music producer who influenced the experimental electronica movement in the mid-2010s more than SOPHIE. The late trans icon has been sorely missed since her tragic death in January, and now a vinyl reprint of her debut EP will help keep her memory alive.

The new edition of “Nothing More To Say” should contain the three tracks that introduced their unmistakable, energetic sound to the world in early 2022: the title track “Nothing More To Say” (both in “Vox” and in “Dub "Version) and" EEEHHH. "

Cover artwork for SOPHIES EP "Nothing More To Say".

The record label Huntleys + Palmers has also announced that the proceeds from the sale will benefit the Scottish Trans Alliance. According to Resident Advisor, label boss Andrew Thomson hopes that the displacement will make the now scarce and expensive records available and affordable for SOPHIE fans.

You can pre-order "Nothing More To Say" on Bandcamp.


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