A.CHAL makes us feel like

With A.CHAL we feel like "Zorro" at night – EARMILK

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A.CHAL has just released a fascinating track called "Zorro", a single that breaks away from the norm of hip-hop, an intense ballad that is heavily filled with Latin American sound.

Usually Latin-inspired tracks are released, and each one has its own unique twist. This time the Peruvian artist A.CHAL is experimenting with hip-hop while he sweetly serenades us with his powerful voice. "Zorro" lives up to the title as the interesting guitar sounds and drums create a dark, mysterious environment in which we can literally transform into a Zorro-like character who is a fictional vigilante.

Inspired by Peruvian bolero, the confusing background noises of the creepy voices mixed with the instrumental pieces allow us to experience Peruvian sounds mixed with modern trap soul sounds. His calming voice creates an even more mesmerizing feeling as he brilliantly chooses to mix a calm tone with an eerie beat. He expresses his emotions perfectly through the lyrics and digs deep to unlock his vulnerability, while at the same time exuding a relatable self-confidence. In addition to a catchy chorus, he skilfully rhymes words, while he captures our soul with his varied pitch. Hit play and turn on this spooky track while you take a night ride, just in time for Halloween.

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