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5 Seconds Of Summer (or 5SOS for the fans) is being sued for $ 2.5 million by its former management, The YM&U Group.

The band reportedly refused to pay the YM&U Group their owed commission for "several lucrative deals they negotiated on behalf of the group". These included a record deal with BMG ($ 10 million) and a merchandising deal with Bravado International Group ($ 1.5 million).

5 Seconds Of Summer hired YM&U in February before separating in September.

Although all 4 members are accused, their manager Benjamin Evans is highlighted as the instigator.

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According to TMZ, the group is looking for a "fat check for their hard work making lucrative deals."

YM&U has $ 2.5 million in damages and a confidential amount specifically from Evans.

The representative of YM&U (attorneys Howard King and Stephen Rothschild) claims that Evans "acted with fraud, malice or repression". They also reportedly alleged that "the other advisors to Evans and 5SOS believed that by refusing to pay (YM&U) anything for its months of services, they could press (them) to significantly reduce 5SOS 'debt".

Allegedly 5SOS and YM&U went their separate ways shortly before the band signed the record deal with BMG. They agreed that 15% would be paid to YM&U ($ 825,000).

However, YM&U accuse 5SOS of having withdrawn from this agreement.

The group claims they sent multiple invoices for their work that were not paid. It is alleged that the contract with BMG was signed after disconnection with 5SOS, they use this as an excuse not to pay them.

"The only reason given was the frivolous allegation by the 5SOS attorney that the timing of the plaintiff's termination by 5SOS somehow justified 5SOS to refuse to pay the plaintiff for the valuable services he had provided by the plaintiff" , it says in the application.

This is a blow to the band, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its inception. The track has the appropriate title "2011".

Check it out below!


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